Friday, March 1, 2013

Ten years after

When the film "Chicago" was honored with a song and dance number at the Academy Awards 10 years after its release, I flashed back to watching it with Diane when it first came out. I was waiting for a time to open up for me to get the Hickman catheter through which I would receive chemotherapy. It wasn't major surgery, but it was my first of many, enough to make me nervous about the surgery itself and what was to come after.

The movie dark and strange, but still, it was a good distraction from cancer.

Ten years after. Other things are coming up that mark the anniversary of my diagnosis in 2003.

The St. Patrick's Race is another. That's the race I was running in March 2003 when I went to the doctor because my slow time and fatigue made me wonder what was wrong. It would have been nice to run the race this year, but I still don't have my running legs back after my falls this summer. Ben is running it, and I'll go to Holyoke to cheer him on.

In April, it will be 10 years after my first hospital admission, the beginning of chemotherapy and of course, in general, 10 years after the beginning of this strange journey.

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