Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snow day

I packed all my stuff for staying overnight at Diane's after my scheduled appointment with the GI specialist in Boston this afternoon, also bringing cheese and crackers, an apple and chocolate chip cookies for lunch.

Back when we were growing up in New York, we'd take the long car ride to Greenfield to visit my aunt and cousins – a long trip before the completion of Route 91. We packed lunches...and ate them before the bridge, about 15-minutes into our five-hour drive.

So today, I ate my cheese and crackers "before the bridge," in other words before I got to the turnpike. But it was snowing steadily, and the roads were terrible, so I turned around after about 10 minutes, eating my apple on the way back. Well, at least the dog was happy to see me.

The next available appointment isn't until April 30, but since I feel fine, it doesn't matter much.

Sitting at the table with my soft red scarf around my neck, I finished a story for my high school magazine (Friends Seminary) about a graduate who is a professional cyclist.

Then I wondered, should I go to the gym? Nah. The roads are too bad.

Should I take Maddie for a walk instead of just letting her out in the woods behind our house to do her business? Nah. I might slip and fall.

OK, well how about doing Joanne's exercises at home? Nah. I did half an hour of cardio-tennis yesterday and then went to yoga so I think I'll just stretch from side to side and touch my toes, calling it a day.t

How about I stare out the window at the snowflakes falling and then fall asleep on the couch?


And then how about making a cup of coffee and sitting down to write this?

Yes again!

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Unknown said...

Dear Ronni
I love that you continue to share your life and its challenges though this blog....and I love the image of you watching snowflakes fluttering and drifting down from the sky.
Are you bundled up at home, or did you make the journey to Boston?
Sending you lots of love
xox Cousin Nancy