Monday, March 11, 2013

Pain in the nose

I have been unable to coordinate three appointments that I have in the span of a month,  so today I drove to Boston and back to have my face rechecked.

When I got to my dermatologist's office, I learned that she was running at least an hour late, but since that is status quo, I came with a newspaper, a book, a blueberry muffin and coffee and set up shop at a table in the corner. When I finally got in, Dr. Lin biopsied a spot on the tip of my nose. Nice location. It  hurt when she shot a numbing medication into my nose, but what's another needle, right?

Afterwards I went to Brandeis to drop off the sneakers Katie had left at home. I parked in outer Siberia because the parking spaces near the library, where she was working, were all full. We had a short but sweet visit.

It was nice to get back while it was still light, whereas last week at 5 it would have been too dark to walk. I leashed up Maddie and went around the lake.

In a week I have my GI consult, and a couple of weeks after that, my regular appointment unless that can be moved up so I can do a twofer.

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susiegb said...

Oh the nose is the most tender part of you I think! I had to have a skin cancer taken off my nose a few weeks ago and the numbing injection was soo painful! I couldn't stop myself trying to squirm away from the doctor and his ghastly needle!! Of course once that was done it was fine - the biopsy didn't hurt at all!!