Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sayings of the week

I am sitting here writing in my office, i.e. the kitchen table, looking out at yet another gray day and eating a handful of chocolate-covered pretzels for each day without sun. (Take that, you sugar-phobes.) I have nothing much new to report except that my writing on various projects is coming along and my physical fitness is improving.

I returned to physical therapy today to work on balance. It's a continuing effort to find balance, physically and in life in general. Two wonderful Michaels are helping me along. When I told physical therapy Michael that I'm the only who has trouble balancing, he reminded me that most people do not have my medical history. Oh, right, for some reason I forget about that.

I've been back to yoga about four times, and it's getting easier, although I still need to keep one hand on a wall while everyone else balances hands-free. I've had a couple of one-on-one cardio tennis sessions with tennis pro Michael, who said I'm moving better, although I joked that I wished that when I played, I could keep one hand on a moving wall.

Allison, who taught Monday's yoga class, had the quote of the week while we were took Warrior Two: Don't lean forward and don't lean backward, in yoga and in life.

I came up with my own observation while chasing a ball Monday: "Don't grit your teeth, in tennis as in life."

Meanwhile, my furry brown friend looks depressed. I've managed to give her a good walk most of these inclement days, when she has romped with her friends Mary Margaret and Sue Ellen, but today, with on and off rain spitting in my face and the wind swirling around, she went out only to do her business. She barked at me a few times but now she has resigned herself to curling up on her bed. Tomorrow is another day.

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