Friday, March 29, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

The car successfully parked right across the street from Serena's, with no money needed for our whole three-day stay (I am still gloating), Katie and I proceeded to do a little of this and a little of that in New York.

On Monday I just curled up in my father's yellow chair – one of the many things that Serena has from our apartment – and made a cup of hot chocolate and read. Katie went to Brooklyn with her cousin Amanda, and I was happy to avoid the elements for the day. That night, we went to an overly-priced tapas restaurant, bringing back memories of Spain despite the bill.

On Tuesday, we had breakfast with our friend Harriet, who has a special connection with my mother,    and then walked to the Met. I had felt bad on our visit to Paris that we didn't have time to see the impressionist museums, but the museum visit on Tuesday made up for it. We walked through the impressionist rooms but spent most of our time at a special exhibition, Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity,  placing together important works of art and displays of fashions, showing the link between art and fashion during the 1860s and 1890s, when Paris was becoming the fashion capitol of the world.

You couldn't help but ooh and ah at the dresses in their glass cases and echo the women whispering, "I want that one."

Back in reality, we walked from the museum at 81st and Fifth down and across to 53rd and Lexington, where I met my friend Pam for coffee and Katie took the subway back "home." Our walk fit the description of "pounding the pavement," and right near the end my knee buckled. After that I had wanted to go running again, but Katie wisely gave me the lecture about not running if I am hurt, and I actually listened.

Tuesday, the second night of Passover when I might normally be going to a seder, I have to admit we went out for Italian food with Jeanne and Amanda. We loved being with them, and that was the most important thing.

Finally, on Wednesday, we went to a matinee of the Broadway show "Newsies." I was skeptical, but I ended up really liking the show, mostly the dancing by an incredibly talented cast of young actors who lept through the air, combining ballet with tap dancing and circus art.

Tomorrow, the only day we could get people together, I am doing a late seder. Actually, if I waited one more day, I would be in sync with the Orthodox Jews who observe Passover at the beginning and the end.

It will be nice for Katie to set the table with my mother's beautiful silver and have everyone gather around.

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PJ said...

Happy Passover! We were in NYC earlier this week, too.