Friday, March 8, 2013

Mud slide

For today's adventure, I walked Maddie all around the unpaved lake and had no mishaps despite the path being a mess of snow, ice and mud puddles. It looked very pretty, and the new dusting of snow made it easier to walk.

But on the way back, walking on the road now, I slipped and fell in a big mess of mud on the side of the road that I hadn't seen. I almost dragged Maddie down with me.

As it was, her leash is coated with mud, and my long black coat, the sleeves of my sweatshirt and my pants are a mess. There are globs of mud on the kitchen floor where I took everything off. I guess that writing this is a way of not dealing with the cleanup.

My back hurts a little, but I am basically fine. Nothing like falling in the mud to cushion the impact.

Tonight I am scheduled to play in a tennis mixer, two hours of tennis with different partners and then pizza. I wouldn't think of missing it.

A rewarding snack makes me think of part of my impetus for going to the gym yesterday: the Tootsie Rolls that I will only allow myself to take on the way out.

As I was lollygagging on another cold gray afternoon yesterday, I sat down to look at Facebook (procrastination), and there was a posting from a former colleague wondering if he should go to the gym or take a nap. I guess it was going around.

I know that the strengthening that I do at the gym (and sometimes at home) is important, but I'd much rather play tennis or, when I'm able to do it again, go running. At the gym, I did the difficult Arc machine and then the bike when I had had enough. Then, I did some exercises on the mat, trying to avert my eyes from the girl next to me, who was lunging and lifting without breaking a sweat.

Anyway, the best part of going to the gym is when you get to stop, feeling virtuous and eating those Tootsie Rolls.

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