Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good news at dermatology visit

When I saw my dermatologist yesterday she said that the two spots she biopsied are not squamous cell cancers but rather early dysplasia that can be treated with a cream. That was good news.

Unfortunately, I had gotten to my appointment late – at 10 a.m. – instead of first thing in the morning as I had been scheduled. Somehow I got it in my head that the appointment was at 10, and I ran with it. I'll have to double-check the time of my next appointment. They said she could fit me in, so I waited...and waited and waited, until after noon, falling asleep with my head against the wall.

She froze a lot of the spots on my hand and lasered some of the larger brown chemotherapy blobs on my neck. It felt like tiny sharp needles pricking my skin. One of the biggest blemishes is a star-shaped brown spot  from where my feeding tube was. In a way it's a badge of honor, but I won't be sorry to see it go. Right now the spots are a darker more pronounced brown, but they are supposed to dry up and disappear. My face was hot and burning last night, but it feels better now.

We talked while she worked. It was a little difficult to carry on my part of the conversation, but much easier than trying to answer a question posed by the dentist while he is working on your mouth.

On the way home from Boston I had to pull over twice to sleep in the car. My second stop was pretty close to home, but I wasn't sure I could make it.

Maybe I was tired from having my face, neck and hands zapped and zinged. Or maybe it was from staying up until midnight to watch the Academy Awards, even though I slept through most of the middle section. It's probably a combination of the two.


susiegb said...

Good to hear the spots aren't cancer! I had 3 removed (excised!) yesterday - they seem to want to do that rather than just biopsy!

And I'm also amazed that you can just pull over and go to sleep in your car! I'm sure I couldn't do that - go to sleep just like that I mean!

PJ said...

I see my dermatologist on March 11. I do worry about all the spots.