Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prednisone: The good and the bad

This is what my dentist said to me Thursday while looking at my x-rays after I had my teeth cleaned: "The prednisone is doing a number on your teeth."

I thought he was going to say I had 12 cavities or something like that. It turns out I had two, after having one about six months ago. I use a special flouride toothpaste, but I guess my immune system just isn't up to the job. Maybe it's all those Swedish fish. Seriously, though, I don't eat that much candy, although I do admit to having a sweet tooth. In any case, after hearing the dentist's solemn tone, I was relieved to just have two.

I told the dentist that the the prednisone has also done a number on my hands, wrists and face, where little thingies keep popping up."Maybe my liver will be fine and the rest of me will crumble," I said. Ha ha.

Speaking of my skin, I have an appointment in Boston Monday morning with Dr. Lin for her to freeze some spots off my hands and wrists.

Katie was getting her teeth cleaned at the same time I was on Thursday. Afterward we went to the Holyoke Mall, which neither of us likes very much. We got there at the perfect time, right before it opened at 10 a.m., when we joined a group of shoppers waiting between two doors. We were personally invited in. We had agreed to go in two directions – Katie towards the store where she hoped to find a small lamp, and me going the other way in search of tennis balls for that afternoon's game. We figured we'd meet up in 45 minutes, but since hardly anyone was there, we finished in about 10. Best time to shop.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had coffee the other day with a friend who told me she had already registered for the St. Patrick's Road Race. She wanted to know if I was running, and, regrettfully, I said no.

This time last year I was in full training mode, running six or seven miles at a time. Talking about it reminded me how much I want to get back. Yesterday I gave it another try. I set out to run a little over a mile, to the lower paved lake, around it, and back. Doesn't seem so hard. But I had trouble keeping my balance near the end, so I switched to walking a little and running a little.

I think this is how I'll have to do it, starting from the beginning and doing walk/runs until I am more comfortable with it.

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