Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting back in gear

The spot on my neck was stinging and burning this morning while I was tutoring in Northampton, so I left early and drove down to my doctor's office in Springfield just to make sure it is OK.

I wished I could swivel my head around far enough to see for myself, but alas, biomechanics don't allow for that. I saw Dr. Berger's PA, who said there was definitely a hole but it looked fine. I told her it is bothersome enough that I still need to take oxycodone, but I don't want to sit around the house all day either. I'm just going to have to go out and do things and take something when I get home. She said the magic words – "Go play tennis" – so as soon as I could, I e-mailed the club to sign up for tomorrow morning's round robin.

Yesterday I had put on exercise clothes and vowed to go to the Y. I got as far as the couch. I figured I shouldn't push myself if I wasn't ready. But today my energy level was up. I came home and put on my jogging stuff to walk Maddie. Then I changed from my winter gloves into running gloves, which was supposed to turn me into a runner. It's so much harder to get back into running than it was to get back to tennis. Anyway I retraced my steps in what is probably about a mile and a half distance and "ran" without stopping. The parentheses are because I was so slow I could hardly call it running.

I felt pretty good when I completed my little run, almost good enough to help me get over the shock of Will's death.

Anyone watch "The Good Wife"?

Such a loss!

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