Saturday, March 22, 2014

A pain in the neck

The healing process after the Mohs procedure in turning out to be a bigger pain in the neck (pun intended) than I had anticipated.

The one on my wrist isn't bothering me, but the one on the back of my neck is. Now it is coming back to me – the last one on the other side of my neck had also hurt because it's hard to keep your head still.

Jo-Ann came over and changed my bandage this morning, and it is the first time I got a look at the one on my wrist. From a tiny little speck before surgery, it has turned into quite the little hole.

I skipped yoga today because I didn't think the twisting and turning would be good, and, big shocker: I canceled tennis for tomorrow. I have been walking Maddie, and she has been mostly good about not pulling – unless she sees another dog that interests her.

Joe is in Fairfield for the weekend, taking care of Webster while Ben and Meg are away, so I have gotten in a couple of errands and trips to the grocery store in between doses of oxycodone when it has worn off. I talked to Melissa about it, and she agreed it was a good idea to take it.

I bought "The Goldfinch" yesterday and was very excited to sit down with my second cup of coffee and dig in to the 771-page book this morning. Normally I like to wait for the paperback, but that isn't coming out for a while, and it's impossible to get from the library.

I didn't get very far, though. The couch looked so inviting that I had to take a nap. For my next activity, I talked on the phone. All things considered, things are not so bad.


PJ said...

Good book. I'm reading it, too.

Ann said...

Hoping your incisions heal quickly.