Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bandaids fall off; blueberries roll out

I have spent an inordinate amount of time fussing with the bandaid on my neck.

Not adhesive enough and it falls off. Too adhesive and it irritates my skin.

Actually the burning, stinging and itching made me think it was not healing properly. Because I believe a good night's sleep is all important, last night I took an oxycodone and a Benadryl. This morning, I felt partly comatose, but I woke up enough to go to a good tennis clinic at 1 p.m. George said I am really bending my knees. I said I've been practicing on the dog, getting down at her level instead of bending over to pet her.

I called the surgeon's office to check in about the discomfort on my neck (my wrist is OK), and the nurse said that sometimes the skin in that area gets inflamed by the adhesive. Tomorrow I need to go out and find something called Tefla, which is non-stick gauze.

The two areas need to be covered for at least three weeks. Contrary to the way we usually let a cut heal, these are not supposed to form a scab because they heal from the inside out.

Today, meanwhile, I have had a bad case of butterfingers. I can't blame it on Mohs surgery, that's for sure. This morning I dropped a raw egg on the floor, much to the delight of Maddie, who lapped it up in no time.

This evening, a whole container of blueberries flew out of the refrigerator, with those precious (so expensive!) blues rolling all over the floor. I swept most of them up, but I left a few for Maddie. At least someone will get her antioxidants.

It was a good day to be a dog.

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