Monday, January 6, 2014

(Sort of) Oxycodone-free zone

I woke up yesterday with my usual toothless-ache and took 10 mgs. of oxycodone, followed by another dose about five hours later.

Then I went out for coffee with a friend, and a strange thing happened. It didn't hurt again for the rest of the day. I thought that maybe coffee, conversation and a raspberry-oatmeal muffin at Rao's in Amherst had cured me. I felt so good that I even went to the gym, where I rode a bike and had the refreshing experience of listening to a reasonable discussion on Fox News. Then I did some mini-weightlifting and came home to settle onto the couch for the two-hour season premiere of "Downton Abbey."

I told Katie how much I still missed Matthew. She said to get over it, that actor (Dan Stevens) doesn't want to be on the series anymore. It's so sad when reality intrudes on a good story.

Today I woke up in pain again, but I guess it's a sign of progress that I went so long yesterday. Maybe I need another dose of the medicine I had at Rao's.

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PJ said...

Just a thought. Years ago, I had excruciating back pain that turned out to be a herniated disk. The pain, which lasted over a week, despite copious amounts of painkiller and a cortisone shot, went away after I went to the hospital, was admitted and put on a morphine drip. The next day, I was pain-free and released. I went to see a neurological surgeon who advised after looking at the MRI(even I could see the bulge) that I have surgery. He said sometimes pain lets up by itself due to positional shifts in the body but that it will come back. Is there a chance that some nerve in your jaw was disturbed by your tooth surgery? It sounds like nerve pain to me. Maybe it will just go away. Feel better soon.