Friday, January 10, 2014

A New Year's resolution with (some) teeth

I am getting my tennis game back…again…but it's good that I did not sign up for the team. I am having fun out there, and at this point I wouldn't do well under the pressure of a match.

Also I'm finding that after an hour and a half I've just about had enough, and in a match you have to be able to last two hours. I don't feel especially fragile, but I think I am in the sense that I'm never sure which part of me will act up next. Pneumonia, the kidney thing, the legs the ongoing saga of the teeth came one after another. But I'm still here.

Time for a little Stephen Sondheim music:

My New Year's Resolution is to save my teeth. Not your ordinary goal. I regret that I just learned through conversation with a friend that AARP has dental insurance. I could have saved a lot of money had I signed up earlier, but I'm on board now. I am getting some extra work done – a crown and a bridge – so that I don't end up chewing on my front teeth too much and damaging them. Those things are not actually covered at this point (I might have partial coverage in a year), but I'm willing to spend the money. My nightmare scenario is to lose my front teeth. But as usual, I'm jumping ahead.

I got philosophical in this week's Newsmax blog, headlined "Time Lost can be Time Gained."

I had been thinking about how I sometimes talk about time lost when I was in treatment for leukemia. But really there isn't such a thing, because you're always doing something (unless, like me, you were in a coma).

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