Friday, January 3, 2014

Pain and progress

I saw my dentist yesterday and he took a photo to show me how inflamed the area around the tooth that was pulled still is. That means I have a choice between staying home and being pain-free through oxycodone or going out and doing things in pain. This could last for at least another month.

I am trying to strike a balance. So yesterday I went to a tennis clinic and then raced home to medicate. Today, the same thing. Physical therapy, home to take oxycodone, and going out later when it wears off to play in the Sunday round robin, which I don't want to miss because there will be a Yankee Swap and pizza – a good way to get to know these fun ladies better. Besides, I have to break into the six-pack of tennis balls that Ben and Meghan gave me for my umpteenth comeback.

My phantom tooth hurt like crazy at the end of physical therapy (where, by the way, I am making a lot of progress in strengthening my quads and improving my balance), but not enough to keep me from stopping at Tailgate Picnic to get some muffins and scones to share with Joe and Katie. Actually I got enough for a small party. Everything looked so good.

A second cup of coffee, sunshine in my dining room, the dog lying at my feet, a book to read, and a cinnamon scone. This is good medicine.

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