Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Home sweet home

I am not that good at meditating because I get antsy.

But I just figured out a way to do it. You lie down on the rug and spoon with the dog in the sunny, warm spot she has picked. I might return the favor by taking her for a quick walk, but it's 5 degrees so we're not going far.

It's good to be home, despite the pile of bills that includes a whopping $439.29 from the gas company. I never turn the heat over 68 degrees, and at night I turn it down to 60. Maybe it's time to turn the heat lower and take out the sweaters. But when I do that, or when I don't turn on many lights, I hear my mother's voice saying, "Turn up the heat! Turn on the lights!" It is better for one's general mood to not be sitting around in the dark.

My discharge papers say that I had an infection with sepsis, meaning it had spread into my blood system. It's a good thing I called the ambulance.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home -- enjoy Maddie as you always due...

missed calling on your Mother's bday -- have been ill with minor stuff --