Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello from the hospital

I am in the hospital at Holyoke Medical Center getting IV antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.

It made a full onslaught Saturday when I had settled in for a night of watching the Australian Open and indulging in binge watching of "The Office," which my kids turned me onto recently.

I suddenly got very cold around 11 at night, and just as soon as I had covered up with blankets and turned up the heat, I started shaking uncontrollably. I couldn't even steady my finger long enough to send a text. I couldn't find a thermometer and Joe was in Boston, so Meryl came to the rescue and went to CVS and got me one. A had 102.7. I called Dr. Alyea and he of course said to go to the hospital. I dialed 911 for an ambulance because I could barely stand and had begun throwing up like crazy. It's convenient to live two doors from the fire station, because the ambulance came in the blink of an eye.

The ambulance is definitely the way to go. I got right into a room and pretty soon after that got hooked up to fluids and an antibiotic. It's amazing how quickly I felt better.

Joe came back from Boston in the middle of the night, sitting by my side for yet another emergency room visit. They admitted me for a couple of days of IV antibiotics. I soon felt good enough to walk around, but you can't go very far, making me miss the corridors at my old hang-out, Brigham and Women's. The food was pre-ordered, and when lunch came it was something I couldn't even recognize. Same thing for dinner. You could starve in a place like this. Both times a nurse was kind enough to get me a sandwich.  Last night I was happy to get a banana and a chocolate pudding. Yesterday Joe brought me a coffee, but I have already figured out the ropes. This morning I got a cup of the nurses' coffee plus some toast made on the floor so it wasn't stone cold.

Looks like I'll be getting out this afternoon. I'll have to see what kind of mischief I get into next.
Or not.


Anonymous said...

You are having way too much fun! Get well soon.

Ann said...

I hope you're out soon and back to feeling better.