Friday, May 17, 2013


The doctors went from plan A, to plan B, to plan C and back again until they finally decided what to do with me.

Plan A was the least attractive: sending me home with an intravenous line (PICC) inserted into my arm so I could give myself several more days of antibiotics at home. Plan B was to send me home without the PICC and see how I did, and Plan C was to keep me here an extra 24 hours for observation while stopping the antibiotic.

The various points of views were espoused by the Infectious Disease service, my team on the floor and Dr. Alyea. ID wanted to do the PICC line, but Dr. Alyea said why put me through that and also risk infection.

Plan C came out on top.

I was never so happy as when my nurse, Nori, sent the PICC line people away today.

One of the infectious disease doctors, Francisco Marty, is a talented photographer and a wonderful, warm person. Even when I was sick, sick, sick after my transplant, I had enough in me to give him a big smile when he entered the room. That is good medicine in itself. He showed me the link to his recent, beautiful photos. He does a lot with close-ups of flowers as well as scenes from Boston and elsewhere. I have been enjoying looking at them.

One time I had a clinic appointment with Melissa, and he said he was coming over to check in. He arrived with three cappuccinos, one for each of us.

Katie came today and we took a little walk, partly on the Pike and partly outside. I am going to Margaret's tomorrow morning upon discharge, and Joe will pick me up there later in the day after he finishes umping.

I am still coughing, but I feel a lot better today than I did even yesterday.

One other bit of good news is that my platelets, at 150, were normal today for the first time since my transplant. (Normal range is 150-450.) Woo hoo!

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