Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moving along

I am feeling better and better although still coughing a little.

Yesterday Donna and I walked Maddie, went to Atkins so that she could shop and I could satisfy my graving for an apple turnover and then continued to Andrews Greenhouse, where I bought flowers and basil for my planters. I found the first box of local strawberries at Atkins and just inhaled the wonderful smell.

I am getting someone to do the first major weeding of my garden because I really can't do it. When I go in to do a little something, I usually trample some poor little plant. My balance is just not good enough. As it was, I had to take a break doing the planters. I lay down on the living room floor and Maddie got down beside me, putting her head on my shoulder. Later, I crashed on the couch. But I am glad that it is done, and I don't think I'm any the worse for wear.

My tennis "mothers" have been looking after me, not giving in to my pleas to play doubles. I am going to try George's clinic tomorrow, and they say they will play doubles with me on Sunday.

I'm working on a magazine story for Newsmax and just generally enjoying the sunshine after days of rainy weather.


Joanna said...

I read your blog and immediately called my lawn service guy to remind him that I had signed up for weeding. I don't have a valid excuse like you do, but who wants to weed anyway! Good luck with your doubles. You are amazing. I hope you know that!

Anonymous said...


Enjoy the herbs, Debbie, and dog-cuddle-time...so healing...