Saturday, May 18, 2013

Still not sprung

I am good to go when my nurse removes my IV and gives me paperwork with instructions and future appointments. I know one thing, that I have an appointment with the kidney specialist Wednesday, followed by a visit with Melissa or Dr. Alyea.

I wonder if it the same doctor I saw four years ago after I had been in kidney failure and on dialysis. He came in and announced, "Your kidneys are good. You never have to see me again." Ha. It would be funny if it's the same doctor.

Even though I am all set, I need to stay almost the whole day in this nice hotel. Because of scheduling conflicts, there is nobody to spring me until Joe gets here around 5 after umping.

I don't mind. It's nice out, and I'm going to take the same walk I took yesterday – up and down the Pike and outside the hospital a little. I need a new thermometer. Maybe I'll go to CVS. On the other hand, I should probably wait for Joe.

I'm reading a good book, Dennis Lehane's "The Given Day." Earlier in the week I couldn't concentrate, but for the past few days I've put a good dent in the 700-page book. I like it that my book mark now has more pages in front of it than behind it.

I'm looking forward to walking Maddie and maybe even going to part of George's tennis clinic Wednesday. I won't run around, and when they play at the end, I'll leave. I just want to hit the ball.

To those of you who say I overdo it, I'm going to keep my limits in mind. Deb asked if I wanted to take a dog walk, and I said I should really just go around the block. We decided maybe we'd just have coffee. Little effort involved there.

Emily's mother, who was a doctor, said it takes a week of recovery for every day in bed. I've been in the hospital for 10 days. The past few days I've walked and done some exercises, but earlier, when I felt so horrible, I did spend a lot of time in bed.

I'm going to call room service soon. Their chicken Caesar salad is very good.


Denise said...

So glad you're doing better! It's cool that you have such freedom as a patient. Also great news in the previous post about your platelets.

mariam baurice said...
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