Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sick again

This post was supposed to be about going to California today for my cousin Nancy's 60th birthday party, but, alas, it is about planning to go and then getting sick.

I got no further than Boston. I was supposed to leave from Logan early in the morning; I felt a little under the weather Tuesday but went ahead anyway, hoping that it might pass. This morning my temperature was 101.1, so I canceled everything and went to see Melissa instead.

I have been coughing a lot, but my chest X-ray was clear. Melissa said I didn't look too bad, so I could go back to Diane and David's. Otherwise, they would have admitted me. I now have an antibiotic that is different than the one I had last week.

What is it about me and California? I went a couple of times years ago, but in recent memory, I had planned to go in 2007 and got sick...very sick. For something different, I was going to go to California with my children. Everything was purchased and booked. Then I relapsed. The airline said we could use our tickets within the year, but nobody went, so I lost all the money.

I was planning a trip with the kids and my mother to Cape May in 2003, but couldn't go because I got leukemia. Joe said no planning any summer vacations except to the Cape Cod.

Katie is going to load the car tomorrow with her stuff from college, and then she's going to pick me up and take me back home. We'll have Mother's Day all together. I was going to miss it from being in California, so there is a silver lining in getting to be with my children.

I can't cancel my hotel reservation, but I can change it to another time. I can use the flight within a year, plus a $150 dollar change fee. They get you at every turn. I can't get a refund for the $25 I paid for checking one bag. I didn't want to carry it on because of all the restrictions on liquids. I guess I should have just carried it on. Think of how many cups of coffee I could have bought with $25. Melissa wrote me a doctor's note for the airline, but I'm sure they don't care.

At least I made it to the important things: Ben and Meghan's wedding and my trip to Spain and France with Katie.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'm sorry, what a disappointment. But there's a silver lining - you're not missing any of Katie's stay :—)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Runder-Woman,

i'm with Joe...stick with Cape Cod....have the Californians come here...

it reminds me of my scheduled trips to Kiev:
first, in Leningrad, scheduled to depart and Chernobyl thanks to US govnt that i cancelled...

that was 1986...
Second time, scheduled to leave and my father had to go to ER, and i had to cancel..

no desire to go to Kiev any more!