Monday, April 20, 2015

Things to do and things to remember

Things to do, things to remember:

1: Go to foot store and get a new foot, or make an appointment with an orthopedist because a podiatrist has not figured out why every time my foot gets better and I play harder it hurts again.

2. Jump in car for 3 p.m. appointment with Boston dermatologist who will look at my lip and possibly biopsy.

3. Watch the middle, remember that winning a game after six or so deuces is pretty good, remember it's only a game.

4. Don't eat a brownie after tennis match, then take one home for Joe but eat it myself after going out for pizza and a beer and then sitting down at table to write Surviving Cancer post and eat the brownie while I am doing it and fall asleep at the table.

5. Write that post earlier in the week because I know that it is due on Monday and wonder each week why I leave it for the last minute.

6. Be thankful for all my tennis friends made through teams such as Ruthless Raquettes, Mass Confusion, Specially Seasoned, Full Court Press,  Paper Dolls, Orange something or other and newly discovered Tennis Buddies who are so much fun.

7. Go out with them after the next match even if I don't play because I had so much fun going with them to Joe's in Northampton last night and they are all so nice and friendly.

8. As soon as I finish this, write that post on clinical trials for cancer and why more adults don't take advantage of them.

9. Be thankful that I have different places to stay in Boston if I need to spend the night and that Maddie has a second home with Jim and Jane Bloom who love her so much that they don't want her to leave and that she loves them so much that when I say "Do you want to go see Jim Bloom?" her ears perk up and she wags her tail and looks around and that when I open the car door at their house she runs to the front door after which he lets her in and she does the traditional grabbing of his shoe and he hollers, "Put that shoe down" but it is only in fun and I know that later she will get in bed with him and put her head on his shoulder when he takes a nap.

10. Breathe.

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