Saturday, April 25, 2015

Skin problems and skipping down to New York

These are all of my ointments and creams.

Sometimes it is hard to remember which is for what, when to apply and why.
It can take 10 minutes just to get ready for bed. At least the tubes are colorful.

I never knew that being being treated for leukemia could lead to so many skin problems.

Squamous cells in situ,
Mohs, keratoacanthoma,

A dermatological poem for National Poetry Month.

I'm going to New York today just for an overnight to see Aunt Marge and cousins. I'll need a separate bag just for that. My MetroCard bag might be appropriate.

First I will stop in Fairfield for lunch with Ben and Meghan, and then I will hop on the Metro North train to Grand Central.

 Someone recently suggested taking Amtrak, which I have done, but arriving at Penn Station is a downer. Beautiful Grand Central with the sky in the ceiling sets a much better mood.

Penn Station makes more sense when going down the west side as I will be today for going to Serena's, but have MetroCard, will travel, and it's easy to catch a subway (as long as I stake out my space on the side holding the rail). Sometimes I drive on through because I can usually park in Chelsea, but I'd rather take a snooze on the train. These are important considerations.

I'm sorry that I won't be able to run in the park. The tennis clinic on Thursday didn't make my foot hurt at all, but I know that running will aggravate it. I'm sure I will walk around because that's what you do in New York, and it will be nice although not quite the same as a run.

Also Ken Holt had said that he doesn't like my current running shoes, so I am waiting for a new pair that I ordered from Zappos. Want to hear something funny? If you call Zappos at 800-927-7671, you can press 5 to hear the joke of the day, followed by laughter.

I am up super early even though I stay up late (is that why I get sleepy in the car?), because the minute I stir at the sound of the birds, Maddie puts her face on my bed right up to my face and then it is over. After that I don't feel like going back to bed.

I went spinning at the Holyoke Y at 7:05 a.m. so that I could get my exercise in before I go. The blaring music is not the kind I usually like, but it pumps you up and clears your head. Your mind can't wander too much when you are going up and down, up and down. I couldn't keep up with all the "jumps"at first, but now I am used to it and it is a lot of fun. I will probably be tired later, but with a strong cup of coffee I should be good to go.


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