Saturday, April 4, 2015

Something good, something still annoying

Good news: My podiatrist said I have excellent pulses!

Well that is something.

He commended me on getting back into tennis slowly so that I don't backtrack. I'd say my toe is 85 percent better, meaning it no longer hurts when I play tennis but still hurts a little afterwards. I did both clinics this week for the whole hour and a half and felt good. George said he liked my backhand.

Also went to half of the two-hour fitness marathon at the Y yesterday and did everything except jumping up and down. Jumping jacks do not seem to be in my repertoire. First of all I can't get my feet off the ground, and secondly they're probably not great for your feet anyway.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lieu, the dermatologist at Dana-Farber, called to say she had spoken with Dr. Alyea and Melissa and they do not want me to increase my prednisone dose. They are seriously considering the ECP for me. I am going to Boston Friday for an appointment with all three of them to discuss. Dr. Lieu will in the meantime look into alternatives closer to here than Boston.

It is three hours a session, twice a week for three months.

I would need to get a port.

I thought I was done with that kind of thing.

As I was telling someone this story yesterday, he said,

"At least you're here to talk about it."


But annoying anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Ronni,

you deserve an honorary medical degree --

after all that you have been through...