Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Weird happenings in the dentist's chair

I never know what to expect from an appointment with the dentist, given some two years of trauma: cancer scare on my tongue, surgery to remove abnormal cells, burning mouth syndrome, teeth basically crumbling in my mouth, root canals, 11 extractions, the toothache from hell, lying on the couch in tears, oxycodone that hardly touched the pain...

So I was on edge when I went today, and it didn't help when I thought the otherwise friendly hygienist said  "Shut up" while she was doing my cleaning.

 Figuring she wanted me to close my mouth a little more, that's what I did.

Again: "Shut up. Shut up."

Then I realized she was saying, "Chin up."

I told her what I had misheard, and we both had a good laugh.

Next, while looking into my mouth she turned her head away and exclaimed, "Oh no!"

This is the equivalent of a patient in a light sleep during surgery hearing the doctor say, "Ooops."

But then she said, "I forgot it's my husband's birthday today! I better get him a card."

There was more weird thing.

She didn't find any cavities.

When Dr. Debian came in and looked at my X-rays, he didn't see anything either.

I asked if he was sure they were mine.

But they were.

I am so relieved that the prescription fluoride toothpaste and gel have worked.

That, and time.


old_black said...

Yay. Only yesterday I walked out of the dentist after the first routine visit with no major dramas for ages. It was such a good feeling!

Christy Hodges said...

I'm glad that the dentist didn't find any cavities on your teeth. Your hygienist sure has a great sense of humor, which is a good thing because it helped decrease your nervousness. In any way, congratulations for a successful dental checkup! Thanks for sharing that, Ronni! All the best to you!

Christy Hodges @ Smile Designers