Monday, January 5, 2015

Salad days are over

Although the weather is more suitable to soup, yesterday I decided I would have a Big Salad for dinner.

I chopped up some vegetables and even added quinoa for protein. It was pretty as a picture.

But then I sat down and realized: I. Could. Not. Eat. It.

A little salad is OK, but after losing 11 teeth, I don't have enough left to manage a big one. This was frustrating. I've always been a salad type of girl.

On Wednesday I have a dentist appointment, and I might propose buying another tooth. Last year I purchased an AARP dental plan which is not good for much. It didn't cover last year's denture ($3,000 plus) but I think that since I have had the policy for a year, they might pay half.

All things considered, I shouldn't complain.  Forgive me for doing it just a little bit.

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