Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New tools for dog training

Selfie of my hand
The clicker training with Maddie is going well.

The first time that I went out equipped with a bag of hotdogs, I had a chance to try it on a few dogs. Hot dog, little dog, click, treat. I'm sure I looked and sounded odd, but I think her association is beginning to change because when we were walking Sunday I got ready with my bag of hotdogs, but when the other dog came by and wagged its tail, Maddie wagged back.

I will still have to be on the alert for little dogs who bark like crazy, because dogs will react if they feel threatened. Why do so many little dogs do that?

The other day I was giving a progress report to our veterinarian, Dr. Kenworthy, and I mentioned that one time Maddie pulled me down chasing after a car with a dog in it. She said that was from exuberance, like a dog chasing a squirrel.

I just happened to mention this to a friend who has two big dogs and had bought a leash that is attached to a glove. She had an extra leash in her trunk and gave it to me.

I was using it this morning when Maddie tried to pull me as another dog went by in a car.  With the gentle leader head collar and the new leash it was no problem. I just redirected her head and we went back for breakfast.

Today we met animal behaviorist Kelley Bollen for a walk in Child's Park, and I got a chance to practice when a woman came along with two little white dogs. As soon as Maddie saw them, I clicked and treated, and as they passed near us and I continued to feed her hot dogs, all was quiet.

The only problem is that Maddie is supposed to be on a bit of a diet, and she is going to get fat from all these treats.

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