Friday, July 4, 2014

Making comments about comments

My blog is among the many that have "comment moderation," meaning that I can see a comment before it goes on.

This is for avoiding spammers or just plain inappropriate comments, for example one time a bunch of us were deluged with comments by a Chinese spammer.

But there are other reasons for choosing not to publish. Often the comment is a means of getting you to click on the link to the name of the person or organization who has posted, in other words it is just a way of getting free advertising.

A while ago someone wrote:

Oh feeling bad to hear that you had such dental issues. But you are a brave person, I am 100% sure that you will win through all of your troubles of life. God bless and happy winning in advance :) on False teeth, here I come

I posted this one because it had come from the Glascow Denture Studio in Scotland, and I did not think that they were trying to lure the mostly-American readers of this blog across the pond to get dentures. I was actually touched that someone other than myself was feeling bad about my teeth.

People who want something usually preface their request with: "I follow your blog and I really find it inspirational.

I bet they say that to all the bloggers.

Readers sometimes want to write a guest post, but there are just too many requests to accommodate, plus a blog like this with a specific point of view isn't the right place them.

At times of a national observance week or month  – such as National Infertility Week in April –  people want to write guest posts on topics such as getting pregnant after cancer. A worthy topic but not relevant to this blog.

Occasionally someone will request to either write a post or have me write about a victim of mesothelioma,  an aggressive cancer related to asbestos exposure. These are sad stories, but like the cancer magazine to which I sometimes contribute, I could not even touch this due to the plethora of mesothelioma lawsuits in progress.

On a lighter note, someone recently wrote asking if I wanted to buy a "Cancer Sucks" T-shirt or other related merchandise. I already have a button to that effect that one of the nurses gave me, and that is all I need, thank you very much.


rm said...

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pamela perkins said...


You never cease to amaze me! I cannot believe, but do, the number of people who want to profit from your blog!

On another note, I saw Marge and Bill yesterday -- glorious! gorgeous gal, like Lynne!