Monday, July 7, 2014

(Don't) cast a spell on me

The other day I got a comment that requires a post all of its own in response to a mention I made about National Infertility Awareness Week:

"Mama Alisha Lura cast a fertility spell for me a few months back and i ask her to recast it a couple of months ago, well today i found out that i am pregnant i couldn’t be happier. i cannot express how wonderful a person she is and i believed without her fertility spell i would have never gotten pregnant."

The reader, "RM," provides a link to the website of Weebly Wizard of the 7th Order, a professional spell caster and High Priestess who says she can cast
love spells, money spells, beauty spells, success spells and custom spells.

The testimonials include:

"Thanks Wizard 7thOrder, your break-up and binding spells work. I don't think of the guys who hurt me anymore and don't meet them anymore.”

"Oh my god!! Wizard 7thOrder thank you so much! My parents are now wealthy and the one who use to bully our family,dont even know where she is when i used your binding and revenge spell at her!"

"thanks for the revenge spell. you are amazing! the girl is already dismissal from our company of her bad behavior."


"Wizard 7thOrder you make life worth living I was so nervous and worried about my lackluster realtionship, your passion and eros spell brought an intense physcial passion and intensity to our relationship that I have never had with any partner."

I don't want anyone to cast a spell on me, thank you very much I have had enough trouble, and therefore I am not going to criticize anyone.

I am just sharing.

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