Saturday, November 2, 2013

What to do about a quadriceps strain

I didn't complain much about leukemia, so people were surprised when years ago I could not stop talking about the plantar fasciitis that was keeping me from exercising and even walking. They said I complained about that heel pain more than I ever complained about leukemia.

Of course during my last hospitalization leukemia actually did keep me from even walking. But you get in a whole different mindset when you are battling cancer as opposed to when you are back on your feet.

So it is in the same vein that I have been complaining about the quadriceps strain that I got more than a week ago. This was after I had fallen at the lake and, thinking I was doing something good for myself, got on a bike at the gym. I rode hard for about 30 minutes and then got off and went straight to lifting weights. I had no idea that my quads were so weak, and within a day I felt the strain. The prednisone that I take daily contributes to the weakness.

Poor Joe has had to listen to me repeatedly say, "My legs still hurt."

I looked on the internet and found an entry on Everything You Need to Know About Quadriceps Strains. I read that these can take 10 days or more to heal, so enough with wondering why they still hurt. I got some Traumeel cream, a homeopathic remedy recommended by a friend who is a personal trainer. And I have not gotten back on that bike, although I did have a dream last night that I effortlessly got on my own bike and went for a nice ride.

I'm not supposed to take ibuprofen or any related pain relievers because they thin your blood, and I'm not supposed to take Tylenol because it's bad for your liver, and my liver already has enough problems to ferritin overload. I did pop a couple of Tylenol this morning so I could get to yoga, having heard  that stretching is good for these pulls.

I've always been good about stretching. I guess I didn't do it at the gym because it is not my favorite place, and I wanted to get in and out. Same thing for getting on and going as fast as I could right away. I know better that you have to warm up.

Once I managed to get to yoga, having skipped Thursday because my legs hurt too much, I was glad that I went. I am looking forward to taking a restorative class Wednesday night.

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