Friday, November 8, 2013

Comedy of errors

This one's not so funny, really.

My dentist said that because of the gum infection on the right side of my mouth, I should chew on the left side.

But yesterday a filling popped out on the left side when I was flossing. I already skipped tutoring Tuesday because of my toothache, so I really need to go today for the makeup. Then I assume I will head back to Holyoke to see my favorite dentist.

When life gives you lemons...

Well last night I made applesauce. I threw in some strawberries, and it was actually very tasty.

Here is another silver lining.

I went to Target to get the waterpik (much cheaper than CVS and since I don't belong to Costco, probably my best bet at this point), and saw some long-sleeved, very comfortable T-shirts similar to the ones I get at JJill, but waaaaay cheaper (only $12). I bought a nice black one that I am wearing now.

A good way to be "armed" for another trip to the dentist.

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