Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turning the corner, with a little help from yoga

Things seem to finally be turning the corner after a bad two weeks when everything that didn't hurt itched like crazy.

The allergist who gave me the penicillin test showing I was not allergic returned my call yesterday and said he was very, very sorry. He said the good news is that the test showed I would not go into anaphylactic shock if I really needed penicillin. He said that when listing allergies I can write penicillin with an asterisk. So I'm supposed to explain this every time? I think I'll just say "allergic."

The doctor said it was extremely rare to break out after passing what they call the challenge. Just about as rare as getting hit by lightening. I guess I like to do things differently.

I was folding clothes on my bed when he called, and I lay down with the laundry and cried. The combination of everything, plus the oxycodone and probably the higher prednisone dose, got to me in a way that not much else has.

Well the rash is now fading, and I am decreasing the prednisone to 20 mgs. for five days, then to 10 and back down to four.

My mystery tooth still hurts, but I see a solution down the road. Bouncing from dentist to dentist was not much fun. After my local dentist sent me to Boston, I tried to explain to Dr. Boston what my local dentist had said. He cut me off, saying, "I don't really care what your local dentist said." Geez Louise, I was just trying to explain. He said to go to an endodontist in my area to see if I might need a root canal; he was also supposed to fax some notes to said endodontist, which he did not. It wasn't hard for me to pinpoint which tooth hurt, however. The endodontist said root canals are much easier than they used to be, and after a follow-up appointment, that is probably what I will have.

I did an amazing thing last night which I think finally unclenched the muscles in my thighs, making it possible to actually start the day without taking any drugs.

I went to a Yin Yoga class down the road at the Serenity Yoga Studio. I really didn't know what this was except for that it is slow like restorative yoga but is not the same thing.

According to Serenity Yoga's website, it is  "a passive form of asana practice in which students sink into familiar floor postures for 5-minute intervals. This practice enhances flexibility and balances the flow of energy to organ systems, literally juicing up the joints, aiming for a deep level of health and well being. Yin Yoga is a yoga practice designed to encourage the muscles to let go. It targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body. Rather than engaging muscular strength and the cardiovascular system, Yin Yoga appropriately and safely exercises the body’s connective tissue. The asanas (postures) are held for an extended time to create space in the body encouraging the release of tension and produce greater access for fluidity and mobility.

I am celebrating the new day with a cinnamon scone. I also took Maddie for an oatmeal bath, so that when we reunite tonight I predict we will both feel much better. 

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