Sunday, November 24, 2013

Still in pain

Happiness is...Joe asleep on one side of the couch, Maddie on the floor, and me on the other side, dozing also, covered with a soft blanket, the pill that I finally took for the pain in my legs taking effect...and also, a football game on the TV,  just background noise because it's not my thing.

A nice family snapshot. I finally got up and opened the door for Maddie to go out, but the leaves were blowing like crazy in the wind, and she didn't want any of that, so she settled for her lunch and is now asleep again at my feet in the sunny dining room.

I thought I had turned the corner, but there are just little bursts of feeling better, and then I am in pain again. It's weird because I can do things like go to yoga, which I think is good for me, and where I actually feel fine and don't hurt. I got a refill on my oxycodone – which I also need for my tooth – but I definitely can't live on that. I don't know why I let the endodontist make me wait all the way until Dec. 2 for a follow-up appointment when that crazy tooth is still killing me.

I'm going to get on the phone tomorrow and try to figure out the next step of which kind of doctor I need to see and also try to get my dental appointment moved up, although I'm afraid I won't get many results on Thanksgiving week. At least I can talk to someone about about my legs it at physical therapy Tuesday.

Well, at least the rash is gone, and I am on a prednisone decrease.

Last night I read some of "Double Down," the Game Change version of 2012. I have to admit I love all that politics. It served as a nice segue to the movie I watched on TV last night. I was reading that Obama changed his mind about gay marriage after seeing "The Kids Are All Right," about two lesbian mothers whose children track down their biological father. It was a great movie that took my mind off of my aches and pains.

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