Saturday, December 10, 2011

A pleasant surprise

Got this encouraging e-mail from Melissa yesterday: "Your labs are a bit better!  Looks good."

I was already preparing for the opposite and getting bummed out. Goes to show you the waste of time in predicting your lab results. I was pleasantly surprised because it was not what I expected.

I would not have been major bummed out, just minor dispirited. That's because my concern was not about anything big but rather about the management of my ongoing Graft vs. Host Disease.

Melissa had told me that the labs from my pre-op tests a couple of weeks ago showed that my liver enzymes were up a bit (the wrong direction). She said I should get retested, which is what I did on Thursday.

The way it's been going, every time I get down to taking 5 mgs. of prednisone a day, my liver acts up and I have to increase the prednisone, which I have now been on for longer than I can even remember.

Staying on prednisone means having a lowered immune system and staying on several drugs that I take to prevent different problems that I've had in the past.

I really had every reason to suspect that higher numbers a few weeks ago meant higher numbers now and a need to increase the dose.

But tada! It didn't happen that way.

So I can stay on my 5 mg. and reevaluate when I have my next appointment in a couple of weeks. And I am NOT going to spend time thinking about what will or will not be.


Anonymous said...

Runderful Woman..


Nelle said...

Great news!

PJ said...

I wish my liver would behave on lower pred. Enzymes are going down slowly but I'm still on 20 mg/day. Oh well. Glad to hear your other numbers are good.