Monday, December 26, 2011

Family dinner

We are eating leftover Chinese food.

Joe is in the den watching "Jeopardy," occasionally humming the theme song.

Katie is in the kitchen watching "Charlie Wilson's War" on her computer.

And I am watching an episode of "Friday Night Lights" in the dining room on mine.

I guess we are a very modern family.

We're not sitting in the same room, but still, we are connected.

We have lit the menorah, sung the prayer and watched the candles burn.

And occasionally we wander into the other's room and comment on something they are watching. For example, "Charlie Wilson's War" leads to short conversations about the history of our presence in Afghanistan.

Yes, we're not sitting down at the table (but hey, we did do it last night). So although we are in separate rooms, we really are kind of together, albeit in a kind of strange way.

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