Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oil me

I was very rusty last week when I resumed some of my activities after a month off except for walking.

At yoga, I did something I rarely do: Glance repeatedly at the clock. My thoughts as I was doing the poses tended to the "get me out of here" mode, but I did not dash out the door or even topple over, and afterwards Erin said she thought I did well.

At tennis, I made some good shots, but I also missed a lot and even whiffed a few. It was a friendly round robin, and at least I was able to joke that I pitied the person who ended up with me first. Everyone was good-humored about my mistakes, but still, I did ask myself, in a not very helpful way, "How am I going to continue being 3.5 if I play like this?"

I had met with a trainer at Planet Fitness to devise a routine, so I did that once, and it wasn't too bad.

As for running, I went a couple of times for only about a mile, but it was more like a dog walk, because I took Maddie and alternated between having her off the leash and stopping to call for her, and having her on the leash and at points feeling like I was dragging her along. The colder weather does not inspire me to get out there, but if I'm going to keep at it, I'll need to pick it up again sometime soon.

We shall see what the New Year brings.

In the meantime, Happy New Year to everyone!


Elayne said...

Happy New Year Ronni! Keep trucking along..we all need to inspire each other as survivors and athletes! I know I sure need some of that now:)Have a great 2012

Nelle said...

I have just finished cardiac rehab and must continue to excercise. I had a Wii and just bought the Wii Fit Plus. I was suprised at all you can do with it. With my lungs, walking in the cold would be a real issue so I am hoping this can keep me in semi shape.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Runder-Woman,

am sitting in the New Forest with my dog in England, the black lab Bali, reading your post...

love it -- my knees and hands could use some my aunt amd i went round the house on her walker, i thought of your Mother and you as inspiration....Happy New Year! xop

Joanna said...

I think that even without getting the oil can out, your joints are much less rusty than most of us "rust buckets." Don't worry about being rusty at tennis. You will be back to full speed before you know it.