Friday, December 2, 2011

Eye on the mend

When I went to the eye repair shoppe Wednesday (otherwise known as the office of Dr. Mami Iwamoto (the surgeon who repaired the hole under my eye), the doctor said the graft looked good but that I should really get in there and knead it like a piece of dough, pushing it in towards my nose.

That was funny because I've been so careful about not touching it. It kind of hurts my nose when I push on it, but that's what I need to do, twice a day, I guess to get the graft to fit better into the contours of my face.

The weather has been nice, so despite pain at the site of my hernia repair (pretty much dulled by oxycodone), I've been walking a lot. Yesterday I had coffee with a friend who lives in Newton, and last night Diane and I went to an interesting presentation hosted by a Meetup group called Chicks Who Write. Meetup groups are gatherings around the country involving people who want to network on a range of topics.

The speaker last night was a widely published writer, Ethan Gilsdorf, whose topic was "Writing Killer Pitch Letters."

It's about 5 on Friday and I'm sitting at Diane's table waiting for Katie to pick me up and drive me home. I'm going to take her to the bus stop tomorrow so she can get back to school.

Then I'm going to sit at my kitchen table writing pitch letters, hopefully of the killer type.

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PJ said...

My incision under my eye is mending too. I'll be in Boston this week and possibly next to get my new lenses. if you're in town, let's get together.