Thursday, August 2, 2012

Physical therapy helps

Quote of the day: "There are two kinds of cyclists. Those who crash hard and those who will crash hard."

Mike, my new physical therapist, told me this yesterday after I told him about falling off my bike. He said his orthopedist told it to him after his bike went out from under him and he felt his hip crack. It was broken, leading to a year out of commission. Of course I think he was talking about serious cyclists, not my type of bike rider, and really not everyone falls, but I liked knowing that I was not alone.

Anyway, physical therapy was great and gave me the feeling that I was doing something towards my recovery other than taking lying-on-the-couch pose. First he had me walk across the room to see how I looked (wobbly). He stimulated my knee with little buzzing electrode thingies and put ice on it. Then he gave me what he called "the spa treatment," massaging my leg.

When I walked across the room again, my knee felt better and my gait had improved.

We're going to do two months, twice a week, for exercise and treatment.

I also got the go-ahead to take walks and go to the gym to ride a stationary bicycle on the easiest gear.

However, I didn't feel well today, so I spent most of the day on the couch, sleeping and watching the Olympics. Thank goodness for the Olympics.


Anonymous said...

On the couch or on the bike, Runder-Woman, you are my favorite all-time Olympian Champion...

Best time -- walking Maddie...


Jaye Fiecke said...

I’m glad to see that you saw some degree of improvement during your first physical therapy session. I hope that your continued sessions has helped quicken your recovery. Is your physical therapy over already? How much improvement have you gotten from it?

Sienna Christie said...

Yes, physical therapy definitely helps. It does not only aid with faster recovery, but it also gives a sense of hope that you’re doing the right thing. Anyway, how was the result of your physical therapy? I can only think that it went well because you were able to go the gym while you’re undergoing therapy.

Sienna Christie