Saturday, August 18, 2012

Roger Ebert discusses life after cancer

I have no news except that the pain in my neck is still driving me crazy, and I am planning my days around when I will take oxycodone.

Today I did a phone interview, walked around the lake and drove to Evelyn's Breezy Acres Farm to get some peaches and blueberries. I bought a fresh-baked blueberry pie that I could not resist and am now on my second piece with vanilla ice cream; in my mother's words, it is "to die for." I invited Meryl over to help us eat it, but she couldn't come tonight, and when she gets here tomorrow it might be mostly gone.

If I had taken the oxycodone in the morning, I would have stayed in and around the house all day. I wanted to go out, but by the time I got back in the mid-afternoon it really hurt, so I took the pill, lay down on the couch and, with Joe, watched the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Things could be worse.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to point out an interview I did with Roger Ebert for the summer issue of the magazine Cancer Today. Ebert, who was treated for three different cancers in the last 10 years, had a series of disfiguring facial surgeries and lost his ability to eat, speak or drink.

By e-mail, he answered questions about how he found peace with his appearance and decided to remain a very public figure.


Nelle said...

The link to the interview with Roger Ebert didn't work "webpage cannot be found" was the message I got. Would love to read it. Sox win is always a good thing! (Rob is from Rhode Island and I have never liked the Yankees.)That pie sounds sooo good. Enjoy it!

Ronni Gordon said...

Thanks Nelle I fixed the link. I hope you try again.