Sunday, August 5, 2012

Good and bad ideas

Good idea: Go to Brueggers in Amherst to get bagels for the weekend, especially since Ben was coming home and he likes bagels for breakfast.

Bad idea: Go across street to chi chi clothing store Zanna while waiting for Brueggers to make poppyseed bagels, look at their sale rack and pick out a dress that they only had in sizes 4 and 10. Brought in the 4, which I knew would be too small while the 10 would be too big.

Encouraged by friendly saleswoman, tried on the 4, which was, of course, way too small, so small that with my fractured collarbone limiting mobility, I couldn't get it off and had to ask saleswomen to lift it off me like I was a child. Look at inside sales rack and wander over to full-price clothing. Drawn to black jacket which fit me perfectly but was expensive, and encouraged by friendly saleswoman bought it, adding to my collection of black jackets, black shoes and black coats.

Bad idea: Went to Whole Foods to exchange protein bars that I didn't like. Wandered around and ended up with way more than I had intended. Tasted gourmet salami on small piece of bread with tomatoes and roasted red pepper with basil. Bought all the fixings and made some for Ben and me. It was delicious but am now wondering what to do with all that salami.

Good idea: Tasted good dessert made with whipped cream, fruit and white cake and did not buy the fixings. Tasted grape-flavored gummy supposed to lead to stress relief. Did not buy a container.

Good idea: Went to Dave's Soda and Pet Food City and bought Maddie a refill on her Snausages, her favorite bedtime treat.

Good idea: Went home, flopped on the couch and iced my knee.

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Nelle said...

Recently sorting out clothes to donate to Dress for Success and realized that most of my clothes are black. I kept a few things for dress but realized I need more casual stuff these days.