Tuesday, March 16, 2021

2nd shot in the arm and something growing on my nose

Wintry day at Ashley Reservoir

I got my second shot today, yay! And on the same day, I found out that our beloved Shakespeare in the Park is going to happen again this summer. So, things are definitely looking up.

I have a new doctor whom I have only met once. Here is something I wrote about getting a new doctor. These changes make me think of my sweet friend Kelly and how devastated she was when her therapist left the area. Of course there was so much more to what caused her to take her life. But it is the last thing I remember her talking about. Sorry there is no transition to this next thing...

Medically, I mostly live in dermatology now. There is something on my nose, and it is making me cross-eyed. And no I did not tell a lie. 

It goes like this. Dermatologist #1 biopsied it and said it was another squamous cell cancer and sent me to Mohs surgery. There, dermatologist #2 said it was not bad enough to do surgery on and said to apply the chemo cream combination. It almost went away, but not all the way. Dermatologist #3 said it should have been removed, because it is growing, and said I should go back to Mohs. YES I have that many dermatologists. Don't ask. Maybe some other time. 

I sent a photo to dermatologist #2 at the Mohs surgery center. The person who took my info said she would get back to me. She got back to me and said to come in on April 21st. I said THE THING IS GROWING on my nose. She excused herself for a moment (I'm thinking of a car salesman coming back with a better deal) and said to come in on March 31st. She said the doctor probably wouldn't do Mohs but would get it off of my nose somehow. (Presumably a better way than having me pick it off.)

Dermatologist #3, who is really my first and number one dermatologist, said that was OK.

But I nicked it with a washcloth and now it is a little bit detached. I thought of calling to see if they have any cancellations before that, or, alternately, asking dermatologist #1, who biopsied it and who is easier to get an appointment with, if she could see me before.

They are all in Boston. Last night I dreamt that I called the Mohs office early in the morning and was surprised to hear the doctor herself answer the phone. She sounded sleepy. I said I was sorry. She didn't seem to mind. She gave me the phone number of a different doctor to call. I said I didn't recognize the number and asked if it was local. She didn't tell me. I couldn't read it that well. I tried to dial and had trouble with the phone. At first it was a rotary phone. Then it was a cell phone that I couldn't operate. 

The old "can't dial the number frustration dream."

Well in any case, as I said, I still think things are looking up.

We took a nice walk around Ashley Reservoir. It was good to get out of the neighborhood, even if only to the next town over. I didn't even have much PTSD about the time I got lost when running my last Turkey Trot. 

In a couple of more weeks, I should be good to go somewhere else. Maybe even into Ben and Meg's house to have real hugs with those cute little grandkids.