Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fenway followup

Well, even though the Red Sox lost to the Angels last night 5-3, it was fun being at Fenway Park with Ben, Joe and Katie.

The team honored Sox legend Johnny Pesky, who died Aug. 13. A ceremony included tributes and reminiscences as photos from his life flashed on the big screen in center field. Each player wore Pesky's number, 6

Meanwhile, I personally invented a new game called "Toss the Cone."

During the game, "the wave" came by and for some reason startled me. I held my ice cream cone up in the air as I tried to catch up with the wave...and tossed it into the air. It landed partly on Ben's leg and partly on the floor.

There's nothing like splattered vanilla-chocolate twist.

After I helped clean up and apologized profusely, I rummaged in my purse, found a Starbucks card for a free coffee, and gave it to him to make amends. You know that if I gave my card away, I must have felt really bad.

Katie and I drove to Wellfleet today, and Ben and Joe are coming tomorrow. We saw a beautiful sunset, ate some fish, and went out for ice cream downtown. As we sat on a bench eating our cones, I held mine up and said how funny it would be if I did the same thing again.

Well, actually, it wouldn't be funny, and luckily, I ate the whole thing

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