Saturday, July 28, 2012

On the mend again

I got my stitches out from under my left eyebrow yesterday – a sure sign of progress.

It's odd that my left eyebrow is like a magnet for the ground. I got a surgical glue stitch above it after my first fall and real stitches under it after my second fall.

The solution to this, of course, is to keep my face off the ground.

I'm feeling a little better and walking with less pain, although sometimes I get a sharp pain in my knee that feels like a karate chop. I'm trying to cut back on pain pills from three Oxycodone a day to two, although it's a tricky business because you don't want the pain to get ahead of you.

Yesterday afternoon nobody was available to walk me to the corner, so I took a chance, leashed up Maddie and went for a big adventure just past the corner to the deli. Just like she had been with Susan, she seemed to sense that she shouldn't fool around. She walked quietly by my side to the deli, where I hooked her up, got a Coke and walked back.

Yesterday was Katie's 20th birthday. Hard to believe! I was very pleased with the present I gave her. When we were at Shakespeare in the Park last month, she saw a black hoodie for sale with The Public Theater (which puts on Shakespeare in the Park) written on it in white. But she thought that at $60 it was too expensive. When she went to the bathroom, I bought it and stuffed it in my purse. (Now that's an advantage to a big purse that sometimes seems like a bottomless pit.) She seemed to love it.

When we go back next month to see "Into the Woods," maybe I'll buy myself one for my own birthday present.

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Nelle said...

Those are the best that will for years remind her of that special event with you. I try to give gifts like that whenever possible. Hope you are getting stronger, steadier each day.