Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What the doctor said

Yesterday I saw an orthopedist who said that I do not have a knee fracture and I should take the brace off of my leg because being immobilized is the worst thing for the injury that I do have.

He said I have a small fracture on my collarbone, but he told me to get rid of the sling, because, like the leg, it is better to move it around.

Free! At least I could sleep on my side instead of lying immobilized on my back.

My knee still hurts a lot when the pain medication wears off. During the time when I felt good today, I walked down to the deli with Joe. I held my cane in my right hand and held onto him with my left hand, while he held onto the leash. (Couldn't leave Maddie at home.) I sat with the dog under an umbrella while Joe went in to get his food. Ah, breeze, sunshine, fresh air and a dog at my feet.

I was glad to be taking a little walk, but I was tired, just like when I got out of the hospital, and when I got home I crashed on the couch.

In a creepy example of how advertisers scan the web for potential customers, I got an e-mail today from The Scooter Store, ("helping those with limited mobility") a day after I wrote that I had fallen off my bike. I think I'll pass on the scooter. I'd probably just fall off it.

Last night my friend Claudia brought over a lecture (I know, I know) and four huge candy bars: a Chunky, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Hershey's milk chocolate with almonds and a Kit Kat. I have been eating Connie's homemade coffeecake and yummy stuff from the two bags of food that Meryl brought over, so I still haven't decided which candy bar I will eat first. Decisions, decisions.

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Robin said...

Good news about the knee. Hope you heal up quickly. Sounds like you got lucky (so to speak).