Thursday, October 1, 2015

Up, up and away

In my dream, Dr. Alyea said that although I felt fine, I was not making enough blood and would need another transplant. He said I would need chemotherapy and a hospitalization all over again. I just could not believe it.

This time I would need to go to California. I said that it would be too far for most people to come visit, although I knew that at least my California cousins would. He said not to worry because they have a gym out there, and he showed me a video of bald people playing basketball.

So although I was filled with dread, I felt better knowing that I could exercise.

In reality, I was sleeping on the third floor of Diane and David's house in Newton, in preparation for my flight from Logan Airport to Minneapolis today. I'm going to stay for four nights at what looks like another great Airbnb that we picked by looking at the map and checking out places near Katie's house.

I'm excited to see her new house, ride bikes (it's flat!), walk around a lake or two, eat out and do other fun things. I also brought some work to do and the book, The Lowland, that we are reading for bookclub.

Yesterday in the pouring rain was a wash. It was one of the only times all summer that we were rained out of our Wednesday clinic, meaning that it will be the first time all summer that I will have a week without tennis! I still hadn't finished cleaning up after having tennis friends over for brunch on Sunday; the cleanup took a while as I suffered the consequences of taking all my piles of paper and other stuff and throwing them into a closet and then having to deal with it when it all spilled out.

Also I did an interview for a story I am writing. And being the world's slowest packer, by the time I got out of the house it was getting dark. For a minute I thought of staying at home and going straight to the airport for my 11:45 a.m. flight today, but then I would have been lollygagging under pressure and that would have been worse.

Diane was so nice to drive me to the airport in my car that I told her she could use any of my stuff: dog leash, tennis balls, tennis racquet, yoga mat, books, natural energy drink, coffee nips and any of the other inventory.

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Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! love to Katie and to Diane! what wonderful sisters you both are. didn't know that Diane had a dog?