Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday morning wanderings

I usually go to Maggie's spinning class Sunday mornings at the Holyoke Y. It is quite a wake-up call and energizing and fun. But it did not happen today, so, for a total change of pace, I went to an alignment-based yoga class at the Hampshire Regional YMCA.

Sometimes people don't realize that most Y members have reciprocity at other locations. These two Y's have different personalities, each with something different to offer. I have their schedules side-by-side on my desktop. The people at the Holyoke Y know me better and have been wonderful and instrumental in helping me get back on my feet and stay there.

Whenever I have a new yoga teacher, that teacher sees that my left hand will not flatten out. As happened today, the teacher comes over and asks if I can undo my claw. Well, if I could, I would. I don't really say that; I just explain that I assume it is arthritis, which I think I also have in my wrists, because I cannot make a 90-degree angle between my hands and my wrists. It probably hurts my down dog because I don't have a good foundation. This teacher suggested, as others have done, to roll up my yoga mat at the front for more support. Also, she brought me over a chair when she saw that I had trouble balancing. I appreciated that.

I am thinking of going back at 4:30 for Pilates. Looking at the schedules, I realized that I could spend a whole day going back and forth between Y's, but then I wouldn't get anything else accomplished.

On my way home, I stopped at Breezy Acres and almost had a full lunch while Evelyn gave me samples of almost everything in her case. At one point I had four plastic forks in my hand. I came home with enough food for dinner...chicken soup, baked beans, antipasto and a new supply of my favorite apples, Macouns. I said I vowed to make some good soups this winter, but my soups always taste so bland and watery because I don't have a sense of what to add. I guess I could read a recipe.

Vanessa James, an old acquaintance who is a professor of theater at Mount Holyoke, was there, and the three of us talked about politics. Her son has an interesting job working for Joe Biden. We talked about whether or not Joe will run, and we agreed that after Hillary's performance in the #DemDebate, it seems increasingly unlikely.

When she closes for the winter, I'm going to miss going over there to our little community gathering place. I told this to Evelyn, who is always so cheerful, and she said not to worry, she's going to be open for quite a while longer. Also, there is always Tailgate Picnic.

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