Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The worry gene kicks in ... again

It is frustrating to be so philosophical one day (Sunday) and to get freaked out the next (yesterday), but is what we worriers do.

You might remember that I could not get that therapeutic phlebotomy because my hemoglobin was 11, not the 11.3 that was required. I had a complete blood test last week locally in between visits to Boston, and Melissa wrote yesterday of the results: The hemoglobin was 10.8 and hematocrit 32.1, a little lower, but not to worry.  Your platelets were 129 which is pretty good.

Being a writer, I scrutinize every word.

"Pretty good?" Is that less good than just plain "good"?

I worry when anything goes down, but I have been told before that if everyone had their blood checked as often as I do, they would see similar fluctuations. Joe said what I already knew, that if Melissa said not to worry, then she meant it. This didn't stop me from writing Melissa, who reiterated what Joe said and told me that I could recheck in two weeks. I think I'll get this done in Boston  because I'll be in town anyway for going with Diane and David to the Cape.

In other news, I got an e-mail from Yankee Magazine saying that I had not cashed the check that they sent me in December for my article on the Crazy Orchid Lady of Shelburne Falls. (I wrote the story in the fall, but with their crazy lead times it is not scheduled to run until this coming winter!) I thought I had cashed it, but it is probably somewhere in between the seats in my car. So they issued a new check.

I have been afraid to open the Visa bill that contains the charge for the bridge that I just had put in my mouth, but now with a "free" $1,400 it might be a little easier.

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