Monday, June 2, 2014

How not to get back into running

1. Get dressed in running stuff, including new blue shoes bought for inspiration.

2. Drink disgusting medicinal mix  – a daily must-do on empty stomach – and figure I can't run now because stuff will slosh around in my stomach.

3. Make blueberry pancakes. Add fried egg and syrup with a side of fruit.

4. Drink coffee, write e-mails, check Facebook, take 15 pills.

5. Start the Sunday Times.

6. Have second cup of coffee with banana bread.

7. Watch the French Open.

8. Scarf down salad while speed-reading through book after finding out that author is available only
in the next couple of hours.

9. Interview author.

10. Walk the dog, get over-heated, take a nap, eat pizza with Joe and say to myself, "I'll think about that tomorrow."


Joanna said...

At least you walked the dog!

Megan said...

I LOVE your honesty - great post!