Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dog training, continued

Taking a break from training
The training with the gentle leader is going well.

Maddie quickly associated it with food, and now every time I feed her I put it on, and also every time she gets a treat. I even walked her with it on, keeping the halter collar on also so that I could switch when she got tired of the gentle leader. She definitely does not pull at all with the new collar in place.

I also practiced getting her to associate little dogs with something good, in other words food. We passed four little dogs the other day, and each time I gave her a treat. I am also going back to the old clicker that we used when first training her. I knew she would respond to it because I have kept it in a drawer, and if I pick it up and click, she comes running.

I'm afraid I sounded a bit odd, telling her how adorable each small dog was, then clicking and treating and telling her she is the best thing in the world. I had no idea if there would have been a problem with these dogs. One, definitely not. He came over to us wagging his tail, and our two dogs gave each other a nice hello.

I'm going to try it again today.

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