Sunday, May 25, 2014

Good day sunshine

I went plant shopping today at Andrew's Greenhouse in Amherst, a beautiful place to spend part of a sunny Sunday afternoon.

It is so pretty there that I wanted to buy everything. The shoppers and the people working there are all incredibly calm, and it is a nice place to walk around, especially compared to hectic garden centers on Route 9.

I really missed my mother. Planting the garden was one of her favorite things to do, and if her garden at Atlantic Beach was in order, she often came here on Memorial Day weekend to shop and plant with me.

Afterwards I made my first visit of the season to Breezy Acres and was happy to see Evelyn's smiling face and my favorite, sour cream coffee cake. I was so happy that I bought two pieces, one to have with my coffee this afternoon and one for breakfast tomorrow.

It was a good antidote to yesterday's craziness and to the pain I had last night when I couldn't sleep on the side with the softball-sized black-and-blue mark. It hurt enough that I couldn't go back to sleep without taking something. If I had followed doctors' orders, I would have taken oxycodone, and although I'm fine taking it in the day if I need it, I don't like the way it disrupts my sleep.

Instead I took one regular-strength Tylenol, reasoning that such a small dose couldn't hurt my liver.

Maddie was the perfect dog today, walking quietly beside me on her leash. When she pulled just a little to head towards a little dog, I took her by the collar and told her quietly but firmly to sit. She did as told, and before we got back on our way, I told her she was the best dog in the world.

She likes some little dogs, and I wasn't sure if she wanted to play with this one or be nasty. But I wasn't taking any chances.

Farm in a wagon (not for sale).

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