Thursday, May 15, 2014

Checkups galore

Checking and testing.

Testing and checking.

Just to be sure.

Just because I have a three-month gap in my regular checkups with Melissa and Dr. Alyea, doesn't mean I have a break from appointments. They are keeping me very busy. It shows how vigilant they are.

But still.

Here's what I have so far for May and June.

In Boston:

Tomorrow, X-ray and ultrasound of lump on my thigh. Probably a fatty cyst. Just checking. To be sure.

Later in the month:

Appointment with Dr. Lin, the dermatologist, to check on new thingies on my face. (Possibly more in-situ squamous cell cancers.)

Appointment with Dr. Triester, dentist specializing in transplant issues, to discuss and possibly do something about the rotten condition of my teeth.


Appointment with Dr. Debian. (Kind of off topic, but since it's for getting my long-awaited bridge I am including it.)

Bone density scan, again for trying to figure out what's up with my teeth.

Blood draw: Because I have three months between check-ups in Boston, do this in a month and a half locally. To be sure.

Ophthalmologist appointment to dilate eyes because specialist in Boston does not do that.

Completed: Checkup last week with Dr. Alyea at Dana-Farber and visit with ophthalmologist Reza Dana at Mass Eye and Ear to get update on Graft vs. Host Disease of the eye.

I'm probably leaving something out, but you get the idea.

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